2023 Grantmaking Program

JPMA Cares is investing in the growth of grassroots organizations across the United States.  Through microgrants of $2,500 - $5,000, JPMA Cares partners with organizations doing vital work to advance infant health and safety in their communities.

The best fit for our program is an organization that meets the following criteria:

  1. The organization is currently recognized by the IRS as a public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. If grantee has tax-exempt status through another section of the Code, documentation must be provided to JPMA Cares.
  2. The organization aligns with the mission of JPMA Cares and contributes to the long-term success of babies and young children by reducing barriers to healthy development, ensuring fundamental needs are met, and promoting a safe and nurturing environment to learn and grow.
  3. The project reflects knowledge of the field, target populations, and the local community. There is a clear plan for implementation and an appropriate budget with sufficient staffing and partnerships to ensure success.
  4. There are realistic and measurable goals or outcomes.

Grant funding cannot be used for lobbying, electioneering, or political activities of any kind.  JPMA Cares will not grant funds to an individual or to programs that require participants practice or adhere to specific religious beliefs.  Additionally, no tangible benefit, goods, or services (including dinners, tickets, seating priority, etc.) were or will be received by any individual or entities connected with JPMA Cares.

Read our full terms and conditions here.


Applications are now CLOSED. Grantees will be notified soon.

Our Current Partners

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Working to
Reduce Injuries

JPMA Cares is partnering with the Injury Free Coalition for Kids, one of the country's most effective injury prevention programs for its annual National Injury Prevention Day. In 2022, JPMA Cares coordinated the donation of over 4,000 products to help trauma sites across the country combat preventable injury.


Giving Babies
a Shot@Life

  In the coming months, it’s estimated that 1 person in the Horn of Africa will die of hunger every 36 seconds, many of them vulnerable babies and children. Together with Shot@Life, part of the United Nations Foundation, JPMA Cares raised over $12,000 to supply children in the Horn of Africa with “ready-to-use therapeutic food”, or RUTF in 2022.

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Creating Safer Homes    for Families

JPMA Cares is partnering with Family Promise through product and financial donations. Family Promise focuses on housing security for families, which is a key driver of successful long-term outcomes for children. In 2022, JPMA Cares coordinated the donation of over 15,000 home safety products for families moving into more permanent housing.

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